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General Information

CompuSyn for Drug Combinations and for General Dose-Effect Analysis by Ting-Chao Chou
      Memorial Sloan-Keltering Cancer Center
      New York, NY
     Nick Martin
      Massachustts Institute of Technology
      Cambridge, MA

Published for PC windows in 2005 by: ComboSyn, Inc., Paramus, NJ. 07652 USA

Version 3.0.1, 2007

A Computer Program for PC Windows (Not for Mac)

For Single Drug and Drug Combinations Pharmacodynamics with Automated Simulations
For Dose-Effect Data Analysis from Enzymes, Receptors, Microorganisms, Cells, Animals and Clinical Trials

Also for Determination of:
IC50 IC95 ED50 LD10 LD50 ICx EDx LDx

CompuSyn General Features

New, Easy, Versatile, Automation, and Quantitation of Synergism and Antagonism; Mass-Action Law Based.

  • Automated Construction of Dose-Effect Curve
  • Automated Construction of Isobologram
  • Automated Determination of Combination Index (CI) and Dose-Reduction Index (DRI)
  • Automated Generation of Fa-CI Plot and DRI Plot
  • Automated Determination of IC50, IC90, ED50, ED90, LD50, etc.
  • Data Storage and Retrieval
  • Color Graphics, Flexible Scale
  • Editing and Transport of Data for strage and Retrieveal for Report
  • User’s Guide for background, theoretical basis, illustration and sample analysis
  • Small Size Experimentation, Requires Few Data Points for Single Drug or Combinations
  • Can be Used for Constant or Non-Constant Ratio Drug Combination Design
  • Schedule Dependency of Drug Combination
  • Drug Combination Graphics at constant ratio (preferred) or at non-constant ratios

Easy, Versatile, Automative, and Quantitative

  • Generate Figures, Tables, Plots and Summary in about one second after data entries
  • Dose-Effect Curve and its linearization with the Median-Effect Plot
  • Combination Index (CI) table and plot
  • Dose-Reduction Index (DRI) table and plot
  • Isobologram at any selected effect level (default at ED50, ED75 and ED90)
  • Polygonogram for more than two drug combinations for semiquantitative visual inspection or projection of outcomes